Demo Projects

CLEar (顺风耳)

This project is to track sentiment analysis on various financial products developed by PingAn group. There are 2 parts within this demo. One is social media, the other is news releases from conventional media. The main data source is sina weibo, however, we aim to consolidate other popular SNS like tecent, weibo and renren in the next phrase of the project. Currently, the demo provides not only overall sentiment scores, but also a detail analysis of each component within analysing process including location distribution, opinion leaders as well as those tweets exposed to most of audiences. An emotional label would be assigned and highlighted if it is negative.

CLEye (千里眼)

This project focuses on individuals on social network. According to requirements from sales and marketing, we come out with a batch of predefined labels and life events. After analysing all tweets for one individual, the labels and events would be assigned. There is also a timeline to summarize the user’s activities in chronological order so that the sales person could easily and accurately identify potential customers and possible demands. It also enable sales person to approach potential customers in a flexible yet not annoying manner. Essentially, the sales person can choose to track or contact a customer. Ultimately, this project would be supported by all available social network sites and every natural people in China. It could be applied not only in facilitating the sales process but also other business fields like talent recruiting.

Octopus (网络风控系统)
This project is to track real time event on social media. It would capture the moment when an event takes place as well as how the event brews. Based on massive data about a single event, the timeline and major turning points of the event could be identified and presented. Meanwhile, the opinion leader would also be highlighted. The main purpose of this project is to discover how a major social event could impact branding and popularity of a certain financial product to come up with a more effective marketing strategies on social media.

Last updated on 15 Oct 2015 .