Jointly established between Ping An Technology Pte. Ltd. (Shenzhen) and Singapore Management University, the Ping An – SMU Research Lab is aimed at the collaboration between the two parties to promote research, application and technology transfer focusing on the theme of “Big Data”
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Value Proposition:


  • To build the Big Data 2.0 strategic framework for China Ping An by innovating on the frontiers of data types, data integration and algorithmic solutions, and unleash the power of big data by providing stronger-than-ever support for all business units.
  • To lay the academic research platform for China Ping An and higher education institutions of China to explore joint collaboration framework, in order to further increase China Ping An’s visibility and innovative leadership in industry.
  • To initiate the two-way talent exchange program between Ping An and the various research institutions, paving the way for both the near-term training of Ping An’s technical team and the long-term core technical competence build-up.
  • To establish the data sharing platform with industry partners, and provide a wide range of real application channels of practical value for academic research results.
  • To launch deep data collaboration and closed-loop user experimentation with industry partners, and complete the self-adaptive learning for data analysis and mining algorithms.
  • To boost the visibility and influence of SMU/SIS among industry partners and increase her academic prestige.


Last updated on 19 Oct 2015 .