Research Projects

Research Topics:


  • User modeling and product marketing framework based on large-scale social media data
  • To take advantage of the huge volume of social media data, integrate and connect the internal and external data of Ping An, in order to build a dynamic, unified, comprehensive and sustainable user data model, providing stronger support for various business units of Ping An by bringing out the potential value of big data.


User behavior and community analysis based on large-scale social media data
The New Channel Unit of Ping An Group promotes various insurance products to a great number of customers by phone calls on a daily basis. It is possible to monitor the dynamic evolving trend of these users’ interest development by social media analysis, respond timely to their potential purchasing preferences in a “event-trigger” manner and significantly improve user sales experience. On the other hand, the further analysis of the social relationship and community connections of these users will provide deeper insight into potential customer acquisition.

A unified user modeling framework based on the integration of Ping An’s internal data and external social media data
China Ping An holds precious data for 80 million active user. However, this body of internal data is relatively static, isolated and outdated compared against the ever-changing user behavior and potential needs. In fact, users share most of their dynamic personal data, social connections and interaction information with their online as well as offline friends on various social media platforms. By matching the variety of information shared by the same user on different social platforms, it is possible to build a multi-faceted dynamic user profile to connect and link the internal data of Ping An and the corresponding external data, so that the user data model would not depend entirely on a particular social platform.

Event detection system for social media platforms
Ping An currently has access to the online event monitoring channel based on main Internet portals and Sina Weibo. The goal is to extend the current system to a greater variety of other online platforms including forums, blogs and other user generated content, so as to strengthen online customer service team, optimize the internal coordination process and establish a customized information extraction and filtering system for better and timely social information listening, tracking, filtering and responding.

Last updated on 15 Oct 2015 .